Mental Health Association in Taiwan (MHAT)

2nd Global Summit for Mental Health Advocates 20192018年世界心理健康日記者會20170419  本會與董氏基金會等5個單位共同發起心理健康促進建言本會張珏理事長於11/2-11/5赴印度參加世界心理衛生聯盟大會921世界槍械控制日 支持“消除非法槍枝,建構和平與達成SDGs”邁向新紀元2016100120170826心理健康促進-笑笑功團體照

     The Mental Health Association in Taiwan (MHAT) has been dedicated to mental health promotion and mental illness prevention for decades as a non-profit and non-governmental organisation since 1955 (see attached certificate by Taiwanese government). Starting from the establishment of the association, MHAT has cooperated with the civil society, other NGOs and the central or local government. i.e. the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor Affairs and local government authorities to improve mental health service provisions for different target populations.

     MHAT also participated in mental health-related policy drafting, legislation and implementation such as the “Mental Health Act”, “White Paper for Mental Health promotion”, “Mental Health and Human Right”, “Evaluation of Department of Mental and Oral Health for the MOHW”, “Mental health Promotion in Disaster Preparedness”, “Mental Health in All policies”, “CEDAW and mental health”,  etc.. 

    MHAT's board members and members actively participate the international NGOs and academic societies. MHAT join the World Federation for Mental Health since its established in 1955. Also join the Global Alliance for Mental Health Advocates in 2017.


  • To Make Mental Health a Global Priority among All Peoples and Nations
  • To promote mental health with enhancing those protective factors and prevent the mental ill health with reducing those risk factors both from environment and society.
  • To add impetus to the promotion of mental health and prevention and treatment of mental illness.


  1. To integrate mental health in all policies /programs.
  2. To build Platform to connect civil society and mental health professional organisations with local people for purpose of enhancing mental health for all.
  3. To propose mental health policy recommendations to government.
  4. To training of mental health professionals and students.
  5. To advocate for public awareness on mental health and to promote mental health literacy.
  6. To build mental health promotion models, i.e. empowerment, participation, bottom-up etc.
  7. To collect and to analysis on mental health related policies and data.
  8. To develop and to promote all kinds of mental health needs into action i.e.gender, ethnicity, setting welfare, education, research and services.
  9. To publish Formosa Journal of Mental Health.

Our members include academics and practitioners from a broad range of fields, including public health, nursing, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, social work, counselling, rehabilitation, law, education, media, ​ and others who care about promoting mental health for all.

These members are truly concerned about the provision of mental health services, professional psychotherapy education and all programs related to the mental health of all people, not only focus on the disabled, women, children, unemployed laborers and people experiencing workplace stress, but also focus on enhancing mental health for all no matter about ethnicities, gender, age, jobs, SES, etc.

Activities (2011-2016):

A. Coordinating “Action for Mental Health Alliance” since 1999

A group of mental health professionals and organisations in Taiwan get together to form this alliance to support victims and rescue workers of disasters, i.e. Earthquake of 1999, SARS of 2003, Flood Disaster caused by Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Furthermore, the team lobby to President and Legislators in order to have a Department of Mental Health for newly reformed Ministry of Health and Welfare. To protest for the political action to include oral health into Department of Mental Health.

B. National Mental Health Policy Advocacy and Research.

  • 2010 Forum on “ Lesson from USA first time right: Expectation to Department of Mental Health in Taiwan”
  • 2011 Workshop on “Mental Health Policy Reform and Development: Australia Experiences)」
  • 2011 Conference on “Mental Health and social Work: Dialogues between USA and Taiwan”
  • 2011 Workshop on “CEDAW & Mental Health-- Mental Health Policy and Cross-System Collaboration ”
  • 2011 Workshop on “Community System Analysis of Suicide Prevention Program for different States in American”
  • 2012 International conference and forums on “Mental Health City Alliance”
  • 2013 Forum on “Mental Health Mainstream: Needs for the Public”
  • 2013 Forum on “mental Health Mainstream: Call for Independent Department of Mental Health”
  • 2014 Forum on “Where is Mental Health in Public Health System? Evaluation and Critiques”
  • 2015 Forum on “New Year New Vision: Actions for Public Mental Health Promotion ”
  • 2015 Conference on “Mental Health Promotion Policies” 
  • 2016 International Conference on “New Era for Mental Health Promotion: Mental Health in disaster preparedness and educational policy


  • 2012 “ Mental Health and Human Right” granted by Ministry of Justice.
  • 2014 “Evaluation of Department of Mental and Oral Health for the organisational reform of MOHW” granted by National Development Council.
  • 2015 “Mental Health Promotion Policy White Paper” granted by Department of Mental and Oral Health, Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW)
  • 2014-2016  a two-year research on “Integrating Mental Health into all policies.” Granted by Institute of Science and Technology Development, MOHW.

C. Mental Health in Disasters

  • 2016-2017 Undertaking project on “Building Resilience Community and Mental Health Promotion: Focus on organisation empowerment and community action during preparedness stage“ granted from Disaster Relief Fund.
  • 2016 Conference of Towards New Era for Mental Health Promotion: Integrating Mental Health into Community Disaster Preparedness and Educational Policy Oct1-2, 2016
  • 2009-2012 Mental Health Reconstruction Programs after Typhoon Morakot:
    • Crisis Response Training for professionals and volunteers;
    • community women’s supportive groups; healing picture books reading club for parents with children; 
    • health activities for elderly, etc. (Sponsored by Department of Health, 2009-2010; the Red Cross Society, 2009~2012; Mercy Corps, 2010; Council for Cultural Affairs, 2010~2011)
  • 2009 Conference on “Disaster and National Mental Health Policy”
  • 2009 Workshop on “Reorganising the system for disaster recovery mental health"

D. Employment and Mental Health

  • Supportive Employment Service Program for People with Disabilities (commissioned by Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office, 2010-2013; Taoyuan County, 2011)
  •  “We Care”& “Labor supportive services ”programs providing
  • mental health promoting services for employees after financial tsunami and industries in response to trade liberalisation (CLA, 2009-2010; 2011-2012)
  • 2011-2012 Substitute services draftees counselling commissioned by Conscription Agency (2011~2012)
  • Employment counselling supervision and mental health supports for employment specialists (Employment service centre, CLA, 2010~2012)

E. Gender and Mental Health

  • 2011-2012 Training Program for Judges in Domestic Court and the Batterers Intervention Program in Community leaders.
  • 2012-2013 Care plan for domestic violence batterers & education program for child sexual transaction perpetrators (Commissioned by domestic violence prevention centre, Taoyuan County government, 2012-2013
  • 2009-2013 Stop violence --cognitive education and comprehensive services for domestic violence batterers (Chang-Hwa County, sponsored by public welfare lottery subsidies, 2009; 2010~2013) 
  • Research on the conditions of battered children by MOI, 2011-2012)

F. Vocational Rehabilitation Service of Mentally Disabilities

  • Outreach Community Program for the Mentally Disabled in Taoyuan. And the Multiple-Employment Promotion Program of Mental Health Publicity.
  • Vocational rehabilitation supportive group programs for patients with chronic mental illness, before and after employed, holding structured rehabilitative activities to promote working skills (including cognitive remediation) and training the trainers (Sponsored by United Way, 2010-2012; JnJ, 2010-2013; DOH, 2011-2012)
  • “LOHAS Datong—community empowerment program” hiring patients with Schizophrenia to hold mental health promotion activities with community residents (sponsored by CLA, 2012-2013)

G. Others

  • 2012 Community Mental health literacy training for the elderly (DOH, 2012)
  • 2003- 2015 Professional and Extensive Mental Health Interaction
  • Union Congress of Psychotherapy and Mental Health Taiwan (co-organizer)
  • 2007-2016  Cosponsor International Horticultural Therapy Conference Taiwan 2011 Gender Forum on“ Queers’ Challenges & Solutions” (Co-organizer);
  • 2011 “Chronic disease and Mental Health” Conference (Co-organizer);
  • 2013 “ Mental Health and Well-being” Conference

H. Publication of Formosa Journal of Mental Health

  • Publication 1984
  • TSSCI (Taiwan Social Science Citation Index) 
  • PsycINFO (American Psychological Association